Vladimir & Anton 'THE VIOLINISTS' play their classical virtuosic compositions based on popular themes from past and present including:Tarantella Napoletana, Que Sera Sera, Coldplay’s Viva La Vida or Avici’s You Wake Me Up.
Brothers by birth and joined together by a passion for music, the boys were born to follow in their ancestors' footsteps. Vladimir & Anton are the 4thgeneration of musical maestros.

From an early age, they regularly toured Europe with the family ensemble. 

Their style combines classical music with the playfulness of traditional folk.

The merging of different genres gives The Violinists an intense and unique performance edge.

The Violinists performances include Dublin's National Concert Hall, London's Palladium and Belfast's BBC Proms. Numerous collaborations with Katherine Jenkins and the BBC Concert Orchestra.

Vladimir was due to start his studies at the The Academy of Performing Arts, in his father's violin classes, but he had a last minute change of heart and decided to take a break from classical music for some time and go to Ireland.

Only three weeks into his adventure, the loss of music in his life had a profound effect on the young man and in an effort to gain perspective and earn some much needed money, he started busking on the streets of Dublin. 

Performing the popular Viennese music of his homeland on the iconic Grafton Street, he found pleasure in entertaining the regular commuters that passed him daily. Ultimately he was fated to move from the street corners onto the concert circuit of Ireland.

Anton followed a different route, after winning several classical violin competitions he continued studying music at some of the best European Universities, changing courses so he could study under some of the best tutors in the genre. Although learning classical violin, his curiosity inspired him to explore jazz and traditional gypsy music as well as inventing unconventional bow and pizzicato techniques. He had the chance to work with his brother for several one-off performances but after earning his 2ndMasters degree, he decided to join his brother and embark on this new artistic journey. 

'THE VIOLINISTS are two of the most talented, charismatic virtuoso performers I have ever worked with. They deserve to be big stars.'

John McColgan - Producer / Director Riverdance

THE VIOLINISTS are passionate, exhilarating, breathtaking. Their virtuosic performances exude sincere musicality, allied with unique takes on familiar classics. A truly unique duo! David Brophy - Conductor